namespace cpp

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namespace cpp {}

An ancient joke about C++ was that the language is called C++ and not ++C because the language is improved (incremented), but many people still use it as C (the previous value). Fortunately, the joke is now obsolete, …
— Herb Sutter, Andrej Alexandrescu [C++ Coding Standards, p.50]

Ich fürchte, obiger Witz ist immer noch aktuell… Status = Baustelle $\int_0^\infty t e^{-\lambda t} dt$

Modernes C++, Compiler, Internetquellen und Bücher, um Programmieren zu lernen

We broke all books on the planet.
— Herb Sutter [GoingNative2012]

UK members: You are welcome. Strive with us for a "more perfect" (European) union: std::variant<UK, IR, Scotland, EU, Earth, Galaxy, …> It would be a tragedy to loose you.


Wie kann man ...

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